So You Want To Hire A Conversational Marketer

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This is a podcast episode titled, So You Want To Hire A Conversational Marketer. The summary for this episode is: So you want to hire a conversational marketer, but how do you know what you should look for in a candidate? In this episode Sammi and Sara sit down to talk about what the day-to-day of a conversational marketer looks like, how to set goals and KPIs for conversational marketers, and how you can integrate them into your marketing team. Keep listening for tactical tips and ideas to swipe. Like this episode? Be sure to leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review and share the pod with your friends! You can connect with Sammi and Sara on Twitter @sammireinstein @sara_pion @HYPERGROWTH_Pod
Warning: This transcript was created using AI and will contain several inaccuracies.

Welcome back to the conversational marketing podcast today. You don't we realized that we haven't had an episode with just the two of us in a second. Just want to chat. We just wanted to chill and talk to you about the conversational marketing one-on-one one conversation to another and speaking of conversational marketer. What we thought would be really useful today is talk about if you actually wanted to go about hiring a conversation Market or so what to look for and we also have some resources that we're going to send over to you for job descriptions and all that fun stuff that you should think about Sarah and I are conversational marketers. We know one or two things about this, but Sara remind the people what you do on a day-to-day basis, so I am the conversational marketer for drift. So I spend my days not really building up about three more because we have a lot of them but optimizing Bots collaborating with the sales team.

Vibrating with the operations team a lot of the time as well sending emails mostly for the content downloads. I do a lot of website optimization and testing and a B test and multivariate testing all that fun stuff and really following how our Bots help the business. So following every stage of the funnel from email capture to pipeline created and understand what are the 20% of the bolts that influence 80% of that Pipeline and how can we make sure that those are always running in Tip-Top shape regardless of any external factors till I think what that gets too and what we're going to talk about today is a conversational marketer is a lot more than just building bought every day. So I did I do build a lot of play bugs in my day. But a lot of my time is also spent doing exactly what you said with reporting and optimizing and looking at what's working and what's actually influencing pipeline versus was taking up some

Our time, so let's take it back. Just a second and Sarah. Can you tell me in your opinion? What is a conversational marketer? Yeah, I think someone to spend their entire day thinking about the potential interactions that their future customers their buyers could be having with their marketing and sales team whether that's on your website over email during a webinar on social media that person is constantly thinking about creating a more personal experience for the people that are trying to buy from their company. So they're pretty integrated into a large part of an entire marketing team and kind of being there like the Evangelist of we need to start conversation with people. How are we how is this thing going to allow us to start conversation with people? What is a CTA where we driving them to sign up or do these things on the website that person leverages conversations at scale to grow Revenue?

You touched on something that's really important while conversational Marketing in the conversational marketing roll, maybe something that's a little bit different for businesses to adopt. It's taking a lot of what you're already doing a lot of processes that you're already used to so we know when making a landing page that we need something that catches your eye at the top right that's kind of like a hook and then there's some copy on the page and then there's a CTA and every landing page has a goal and that's really what building out play books and different experiences and conversational marketing is all about it really does because if you think about it, if your landing page only has one CTA that's not an optimized landing page write multiple points of conversion on your page is the exact same thing as your boss. So when should you start to think about hiring a conversational marketer now that you understand a little bit more about what they should be doing the organization? What do you think is the best time to

Think about getting one in my personal opinion when you start thinking about building at your marketing function. You should already start thinking about where conversational marketing is fitting into that. So whether that someone who just has a general understanding of conversational marketing or you're actually hiring a conversational marketing manager, it's important to think about it right away fire today or different people who are coming to your site. They expect those conversational exchanges. And if you can think about it, right when you're creating that function, I think in the long run, you're just going to be set up for Success definitely in this person isn't just the one who's going to be coming on and administrating or administering a tool like drift. They're going to be there to help introduce conversations at every step of your marketing process. So there in the room when you're deciding your campaign planning or your social planning for a specific thing in there helping you develop your CTA. It's meant the landing pages look like and where you can incorporate conversations throughout the rest of your

Marketing planning. So like it's really helpful to have someone there who is just a voice in the room being a table. What about conversations? Like how is it really going to help us start a conversation and that can help everyone think about how they can make their marketing more personal then roll it back. I was with a customer the other day and we were walking through how someone on their site could potentially speak with someone so we were on their homepage and there was a button that said request a call so we could request a call and that product for landing page which we actually had to then click connect with sales and not connected us to a form and after the foreman said someone be in touch with you in 48 hours and she looked at me and she was like. Cease pruriens. That's really what our customers are going through. She really have no idea that that's how her customers that was the only way that they could get in touch with a salesperson.

Your odds are landing pages your emails your social content your webinars, like how you do all of these things and understanding like are we really optimizing for the buyer experience or we optimizing for our own processes? And I think even from the start of conversational marketing manager comes from working specialist. Whoever you hire should have a good idea of how they can attribute these conversations to something within your reporting and your phone on your metrics. So hiring manager, but now what are the sorts of questions you should ask in an interview for conversational marketing manager, like what do you interview for? I think it's a really good question. And what I would say for the most part is your conversational marketing manager needs to have a really good understanding of a typical Dimension funnel and then how that applies to your business. So when I think about conversational marketing experience

I'm thinking about Play books and email campaigns and ads in all of this that are fit for awareness and inconsideration and then purchase and the post-purchase all of that. So the typical funnel that most imagine marketers are familiar with I think is really important for the conversation work. It hurt to have an understanding of yeah, it's definitely like the tools they should know this kind of goes in line with the interview questions is like do you have experience using CRM and marketing automation platform? This is a tool that needs to be integrated with the rest of your marketing snack. So Salesforce experience Marketo HubSpot para. El agua any of the tools that you use this conversational marketing manager should be familiar with that. They can deeply in a great conversations into the way that you're already attributing marketing activities and understanding Pipeline and tracking leads from first touch to leave creation to double-book to opportunity created etcetera etcetera. So this person should be able

To have not only the knowledge of the demand Inferno but also the experience of using a tool that marketers in sales reps use all the time. Yeah, and I think that it just helps bring them closer to whoever they're trying to reach have an understanding and that means they can also be a little bit more flexible or creative when incorporating conversations because they know how those tools were clearly, I'm familiar with. Yeah you hyperlink in Marquette for example, so I recently went into all of our marketing nurture that drive people from One Behavior score to the next behaviors course when I see your score and I looked at all the UTM is that we add to those URLs and I added branch is to each of our bus that's going to those specific pages that we could say. Hey, I'm glad or email caught your eye and then continue the conversation on that specific page. So being able to really link your other marketing activities to your conversation activities, so they end up being the same. It's just like a no-brainer.

Yeah, I think if you're already familiar with something like Marketo or a demandbase you understand ABM and then there are so many ways that you can take a baby out and make it conversational marketing. Okay. So let's say that you were hiring for a conversational marketing manager. I was there actually was in the interview room with me. So I really am a strong. Yes for Sammy. So when you were interviewing me what qualities were you looking for and that you would really enjoy it totally. So when we were hiring for this like this new conversational marketing specialist comes into marketing manager role address to be the drift person for our customers and build and create conversational marketing programs at our largest customers offices and work slows everything. We were looking for someone who was creative and like had that buys four.

She didn't just could like put their heads down understand like a new platform and get stuff done. But when we were going to the interview process, we were really looking for a few things. So one we made them do a project so we gave them a company and we're like build out a few bucks for this company and we gave them the conversational marketing blueprint and relief map it out in the blueprint. And so first we look to see like did this person read the conversation marketing blueprint? Like did you read that piece of content that we specifically created to fill out this worksheet. And did you take it upon yourself to do now since we have the conversational marketing and sales certifications, we would look for that as well. As I did you take it upon yourself to go get certified in competition marketing conversational sales. Do you understand fundamentally what it is that you will be doing at this organization, but we're also looking for creativity and someone who could understand like starting off conversations on the right foot having basically the bought best practices that we really layout which we didn't even have established that point in time. We just knew them up just like

Start off the conversation really strong make sure that you don't have just one CTA. If you have a just browsing button, never end the conversation just someone is taking it really upon themselves to go out and learn about how to build out about the best they can and then also be able to apply that and think outside the box to expand your regular usage of drift. So instead of just doing a second netbot and a conversation starter about today think about a paid ad converter do they think about a webinar registration? Did they think about different ways that you can add conversations to your average quote unquote marketing activities? And so that's really what we look for we interviewed a few people before Sammy and they just didn't blow us out of the water like she did like to be honest here today. But yeah, they just if they weren't creative in their butthole literally one person their opener for their conversation start about was what brought you here to check us out and I was like, how do you not read or listen to anything or any content that we've created knowing that they

Is in the best possible way to start so I think since this is a relatively new role doing your research and like having a good understanding of like the whole concept of conversational marketing and like how you can really implement it the best that you can not just tool was but philosophy wise is like really important cuz otherwise you're just hiring someone to administrative product who's going to do what you tell him to do, but it's not necessarily going to be creative about it and we have some resources built out at drift that will link so willing a job description and then we'll also linked the conversation marketing certification and the blueprint but if you are hiring for this role in you want to give them a little bit of homework, you can have them look through those resources and I can come back using some of the best practices that we are tried-and-true dress practices that we've learned at thrift definitely. So when you hire for a conversation marketing manager specialist and they're coming onto your team, who should they report to work today?

Yeah, so it's important that the conversational marketing manager is talking to sales and they're talking to marketing and they're talking to product marketing. It's important that they have that collaboration with all the teams where I think it makes most sense for them to sit is in that demand gen seats and so much of what we do is sort of replicating not funnel. However, it's really important that they're talking to their Beady are the people who are within dressed or their CDR and then the sales. Are we getting the leads that we should be are they quality and then making sure that the workflow of speak with someone reflects that and that you're optimizing for all those different things and then there throughout campaigns and product launches and all of that conversation marketing should be there. So it's important that this person feels comfortable working across a lot of different department.

Call center operations in their holes Cherokee. I like I speak to her off to him regularly sales and marketing. I get credit for the meeting that they booked our sales of whenever we get a new cell. They're properly included in the routing rules. Whenever we change of our territory their change of the way. We do lead routing which is not always like a one-time process if I've had to rebuild a riding with like five separate times, but making sure that whatever we do in drift. We are mimicking what we've done in Salesforce or lean data or whatever integration integration to making sure that data so I can properly and all that fun stuff. That doesn't sound as scary as we're making a sound but just having a good solid foundation understanding of like what marketing and sales it right? And I think there's one person that really owns is conversational marketing manager role but really everyone in your marketing or should have that understanding that what they're doing just have a conversational aspect to it hundred percent. Yeah, and this person can be sort of the Evangelist for

Mundane things like video in the sales process or like I knew to like Outreach her something like that. Okay. So from the front lines from Sarah and I if you're thinking about becoming a conversational marketing manager, we're hiring careers page, but I think what I love most about being a conversation marketer is that every single day is different for me. So every single day I'm coming into work and I'm telling myself to think outside of the box and also just with the job that I'm in with our customers. Everyone has a different end-user. Everyone is speaking two different types of people. So it's really for me getting in the minds of so many of today's buyer and figuring out what speaks to them the most insanely powerful same as essentially Adam Android market are for like all of our customers is Ashley. She's just a demanded Market.

15 but how do I get an ingrained understanding of how conversations fit into their marketing stack I think for me beat the best part of being a conversational marketing managers. I got to talk to everyone. I'm very extroverted. I love people my job is a literally starting conversations. Like that's quite fun. But I also get to walk up to the South and back. What's working what's broken? What sucks was amazing like tell me all of those things that I can go and double down on the things that are working and shut off that are not or take a second look at them and see what can beat we can optimize if we accidentally just not put a button in the right place and all of a sudden the lead quality got really bad or did we like did someone go offline and should be online those sorts of things but I also get to Deep dive and brainstorm with ravn marketers are digital marketers are social media marketer is our webinar specialist manager like I get to talk to everyone just to see like how can we add another component to this which is starting at?

Crustacean and then I love hanging out with my friends and Ops cuz they've really think creatively about solving problems and they're not just putting Band-Aid fixes on things there looking deeply at the root cause of issues and then figuring out how we can sell something from really like the bottom up and see you really just got to talk in touch so many different aspects of a business and you got to understand the real and true business impact conversations, which is like so very powerful and I think the best part is we've seen some Enterprise SME SMB throughout all segments of business. We seen people start to post this job. People are hiring for this role. Yeah. It's so cool to see and I'm so glad that I got to do this every day. So we have a ton of resources that we're going to leave for you. We hope this was really helpful. And if you have any questions about a conversational marketing on are casted page, we have a drift bought you can ask

Yeah, so ask us come to that page blanket, or you might be listening to it on that page right now, Also if you just want to throw that into your phone right now if you're listening love to hear from you. Thanks guys, babe.


So you want to hire a conversational marketer, but how do you know what you should look for in a candidate? In this episode Sammi and Sara sit down to talk about what the day-to-day of a conversational marketer looks like, how to set goals and KPIs for conversational marketers, and how you can integrate them into your marketing team. Keep listening for tactical tips and ideas to swipe. Like this episode? Be sure to leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review and share the pod with your friends! You can connect with Sammi and Sara on Twitter @sammireinstein @sara_pion @HYPERGROWTH_Pod